21 enero 2007

The Middle East Tragedy: Reply to a Reader

An e-mail was received from Mr. Eugene Gershin, who monitor blogs, concerning a post (Terrorismo, Flagelo de la Humanidad) published in this blog ‘Palabra Justa’(May 19, 2006). Following is the Webmaster’s reply.

Mr. Eugene Gershin:

After reading some of the articles published in the blog 'Samson Blinded' (http://www.samsonblinded.com/blog ) I would prefer to call Mr. O. Shoher (or whichever his real name is) a radical, instead of what you called him to be an extremely controversial politician/writer about Israel, Middle East politics, and terrorism.

I went to Israel in 1993 and stayed there for about 6 weeks. As a Roman Catholic it was really a unique opportunity for me to be able to walk and to see all the sacred places where Jesus (a Jew by blood and in all other aspects) spoke (to all people)about His doctrine. Israel is, simply, a marvelous country, and I would like to see someday Jews, Muslims, Roman Catholics, and Orthodoxes to be able to live and practice their own religious believes in peace. That would be beautiful and I don´t think it is an impossible dream to accomplish.

I like Israeli culture and traditions a lot. I must say that -always- I have admire Israeli people for their courage to maintain it's integrity and right to exist as a nation in its own territory. But I also respect any other culture. For example, I believe that Palestinians have the same rights as Jews: they also deserved to have their own territory and to live in peace the way they want but WITHOUT affecting others. I don´t agree with ANY kind of extremism (all forms of discrimination or terrorism). I believe in respect, in dialogue, concerted decisions, and in a nice future full of love, peace, and pacific coexistence FOR ALL human beings (no matter religion, race or political differences). As a matter of fact, Palestinians live now in a constituted nation (the Palestinian National Authority of Cisjordania and Gaza Strip), with its own territory, but the Jews/Palestinians pacific coexistence is still not accepted (by none of the parties) because of irrationality, hatred, the obvious existence of ancient cultures of violence, old (I should say very ancient) resentments, political leaders with wrong attitudes or occult interests, and lack of concern about world's fate (the real possibility of a third -and last- world war). I must say that some "DEVELOPED" nations are also guilty of the Middle East tragedy (for different reasons like: the business of military equipment production and sales, any kind of "affinities", geopolitical and/or economic reasons, hypocrisy, terror, etc.).

I may continue writing about this important and vital issue for mankind but I'll tell you this: I don't want my Blog to be banned or be used to support any extremist, distorted or apocalyptic vision of life on this planet, because 'Palabra Justa' represents a way to express my own ideas and to try to contribute to bring some sense to this poor world.


Eric Candanedo
Blog 'Palabra Justa'

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